UE4 C++

Prototype of 2D space shooter with crafting

UE4 C++

Puzzle game where you are rolling the ball, collecting crystals and avoiding all sorts of danger.

TIC-80 Lua

A game about blowing to the clouds. It was done in two weeks for Shacknews game jam.

TIC-80 Lua

A combination of Tetris and Arkanoid with a little bit of tower defense. The game was done in one week for OLC CodeJam 2019.

Won 1st place in the game jam.


Lead your squad through the space station. On their way to their safety, you have to unlock doors by matching the door’s signal - its frequency, amplitude, and offset. Alien organisms will attack you in each room.

Won honorable mention price in the game jam.

Other projects

Procedural audio prototype

Advent of Code

  • solutions for programming puzzles
  • for fun and to improve my C++ skills